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Station Policies - Severe Winter Weather Policy and Procedures

I. ANNOUNCEMENT AND INFORMATION (updated December 1, 2006)

A. Announcement

The Director is the official spokesperson for KBS for severe weather policies and procedures. When a decision has been reached to suspend operations because of inclement weather, that information will be available via dedicated telephone line (269) 671-2300 and will be announced on local media as early as 7:00 AM.

If a decision is made to suspend operations during normal business hours, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, notice will be sent over the KBS news list, NEWS-L. Faculty and unit leaders will be notified by telephone when possible. It is the responsibility of faculty, unit, and program leaders to inform employees and students under their supervision of the suspension of operations.

If any KBS faculty or unit leader has special programs that are affected by inclement weather, and they need to alert participants that programs are cancelled, he (she) should contact the Assistant Director for Facilities and Operations. The Assistant Director will handle all notification to the television and radio stations if cancellation of activities is required.

B. Information

Information regarding the suspension of operations will be provided to the following television and radio stations for inclusion in news broadcasts and special announcements:


WWMT-TV, Channel 3, Kalamazoo

WOTV-TV, Channel 41, Battle Creek, via WOOD-TV, Channel 8, Grand Rapids


WMUK, 102.1 FM, Kalamazoo

WQLR, 106.5 FM, Kalamazoo

WKZO, AM 590, Kalamazoo

WQSN, AM 1660, Kalamazoo


WBCK, AM 930, Battle Creek

WKFR, 103.3 FM, Battle Creek

WKMI, AM 1360, Battle Creek

WRKR, 107.7 FM, Battle Creek

Only when the media announce the closing of the station and a closing message has been recorded on the dedicated telephone line, have operations been suspended.

If Operations are Not Suspended

If severe weather conditions exist or are imminent, and a closing has not been announced through normal channels, employees should act upon their own discretion in consideration of their personal safety. Employees should make every effort to contact their supervisor to inform them of their status.

Faculty, unit, program and service leaders are responsible for designating critical personnel and reporting those names to the Assistant to the Director. Critical personnel are those employees assigned ultimate responsibility for ensuring the functionality of facilities and equipment and the preservation of research materials.


Full and Part-time Regular Employees

Employees in this category who report for scheduled work during these periods will receive pay for time worked in accordance with compensation policies.

Employees in this category who do not report for work may elect to wither take the time off without pay or be paid by charging the time to personal or vacation leave accruals. The use of sick leave for this purpose is not authorized.

Note: Whenever absence is due to an unscheduled, unavoidable circumstance, the employee must make a sincere effort to immediately notify the supervisor of the situation.

Student Employees

Employees in this category who report for scheduled work will be paid for hours worked. Employees who do not report for scheduled work will not be paid.


In cases of declared emergencies of prolonged severe weather conditions, the administration will determine the level of services appropriate to the functioning of the station and the needs and levels of employee involvement.


If personnel whose services are required for security and essential operations are unable to travel to KBS, those persons should make every effort to contact their supervisor so transportation can be provided or arrangements can be made for coverage of duties.

Parking areas will be opened as they are plowed and become accessible. Status will be updated periodically on the dedicated telephone line until all lots are accessible.


In the event of associated power outages, existing procedures for the KBS emergency call list will be implemented.


It is the responsibility of the unit managers at the Manor House, Conference Center, Dairy, and Bird Sanctuary to notify customers of any operations decisions that impact their tour or program at KBS, including measures taken to ensure their safety and comfort in severe winter weather.