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An MSU research team that includes KBS faculty member Dr. Elena Litchman (Zoology) has been awarded a 2014 CyberSEES grant from the National Science Foundation for a project employing robotic fish to study aquatic ecosystems.

Taking harmful algal blooms as an application example, their project - "Towards Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystems: A New Adaptive Sampling and Data-Enabled Monitoring and Modeling Framework" - exploits advances in underwater robotics, sensor networks, signal processing and biophysical modeling to create a novel paradigm for monitoring and understanding aquatic ecosystems, thus enabling sustainable management of water resources.

Read the NSF award abstract here.

The Cyber-Enabled Sustainability Science and Engineering (CyberSEES) program aims to advance interdisciplinary research in which the science and engineering of sustainability are enabled by new advances in computing, and where computational innovation is grounded in the context of sustainability problems.