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institutesSchool-year workshops and a three day summer institute held at KBS provide science teachers deeper exposure to science content and methods as well as support for inquiry-based science teaching in the K-12 classroom. Sessions are led by KBS scientists and MSU College of Education Faculty and are open to all science teachers in Partnership districts.

Workshop and institute topics are chosen for their relevance to the Michigan Core Curriculum and the new Next Generation Science Standards. Teachers suggest topics to be covered, and sessions often cover subjects that are difficult for students and cut across the biological, physical, and earth sciences. Recent topics have included nutrient cycling, biodiversity, climate change, invasive species, and wetland ecology. Workshops and institutes also provide time for teachers to work across school districts (within grade levels) to share inquiry-based teaching strategies, and within districts (across grade levels) to coordinate delivery of the district's science curriculum.

2015-2016 Workshops

Resources from Summer Institute 2015

2014-2015 Workshops

2013-2014 Workshops

2012-2013 Workshops

2011-2012 Workshops

2010-2011 Workshops

2009-2010 Workshops

Summer 2009: MSP Summer Institute: Enhancing Environmental Literacy in Carbon, Water, and Biodiversity

  • Speaker: Jennifer Lau (MSU)
  • Speaker: Doug Landis (MSU)

2008-2009 Workshops

  • November 3, 2008: Evolution in Action
    • Speaker: Robin Tinghitella, Rapid Evolution
    • Speaker: Jonathon Schramm, Schoolyard Biofuels Plots
  • December 8, 2008: Anthropogenic Influences on Wildlife
    • Speaker: Dr. Jack Liu, Human Impacts
  • February 24, 2009: Winter Ecology
    • Speaker: Dave Mahan, Winter Ecology
  • April 23, 2009: KBS Science for your Classroom
    • Speaker: Elena Litchman, Water quality and harmful algal blooms in the changing climate.”

Summer 2008: GK-12 Summer Institute

  • Speaker: Dave Costello (Notre Dame), Earthworm Presentation
  • Speaker: Kay Gross (MSU), Current KBS and KBS LTER Research


2007-2008 Workshops

  • October 29, 2007: Ecology of Emerging Infectious Diseases
    • Speaker: Jean Tsao, Lyme Disease
    • Speaker: Laurel Hartley, Reduction in Dengue Fever in the Mekong Delta through Student Activism
  • December 6, 2007: Ecological Change in the Great Lakes
    • Speaker: Lisa Wininger, Physical Oceanography and the Maury Project
    • Speaker: Alan Steinman, Ecological Change in the Great Lakes Region.
  • December 7, 2007: Wildlife and Human Health (Follow-up to Oct. 29 Workshop)
  • December 8, 2007: Curriculum Revision Workshop for Smithsonian Lessons
  • February 26, 2008 Polar Climate Change
    • Speaker: Robert Hollister, Polar Climate Change
  • April 22, 2008: Environmental Sustainability of a Biofuel Economy
    • Speaker: Phil Robertson, Ecological Sustainability of Biofuels

Summer 2007: GK-12 Summer Institute

  • Speaker: Marty Green (Plainwell Middle School), Discovery Educator Network
  • Speaker: Charles Bucienski (Fern Persons Elementary), Elementary Grade Level Expectations
  • Grade Level Science Expectations: Biology HSCE, Earth Science HSCE, and K-7 Content Expectations

2006-2007 Workshops

  • November 7, 2006: Using Science Databases for Classroom Inquiry
    • Speaker: Andy Anderson, Michigan High School Content Expectations
  • December 6, 2006: Behavioral Ecology
    • Speaker: Tom Getty, Behavioral Ecology
  • March 21, 2007: Local Ecological Issues
    • Speaker: Harper Creek High School, Effects of Urbanization on Water Quality
    • Speaker: Martin Public Schools, Agriculture in the Schoolyard
    • Speaker: KBS ROKS students, Crooked Lake
  • April 24, 2007: Climate Change
    • Speaker: Jeff Andreson, Michigan State Climatologist
    • Speaker: Rachael Shwom, Understanding Climate Change-Insights from the Social Sciences

Summer 2006: GK-12 Summer Institute

  • Introduction to GK-12

2005-2006 Workshops

  • November 30, 2005: Professional Development Planning

Summer 2005: K-12 Partnership Summer Institute

2004-2005 Workshops

  • December 2004: Professional Development Proposals

Summer 2004: K-12 Partnership Summer Science and Educational Leadership Institutes

  • Professional Development
  • Schoolyard Projects
  • Environmental Literacy Project

2003-2004 Workshops

  • September 2003: Biological Invasions
  • October 2003: Climate Change
  • November 2003: Impact of Climate Change on Ecosystems
    • December 2003: Invasive species and climate change as ecosystem disturbances: Experiences, patterns, and explanations
    • March 2004: Impacts of Human Land Use on Ecosystems
    • April 2004: Assessing a schoolyard for human impacts

Summer 2003: K-12 Partnership Summer Science and Educational Leadership Institutes

  • Science and Technology (Vernier Lab Pros, Excel, Powerpoint, GIS)
  • Pedagogy and Conducting Student Research
  • Leadership Proposals


2002-2003 Workshops

Summer 2002: K-12 Partnership Summer Science and Educational Leadership Institutes

  • Science and Technology (GIS, Internet)
  • Pedagogy and Conducting Student Research
  • Leadership Proposals

2001-2002 Workshops