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Are you interested in learning more about K12 teacher pd opportunities at KBS?  If so, please complete this form.

Teaching Science Outdoors 2014 was a huge success!  Thank you to teachers from Delton-Kellogg, Gull Lake and Kalamazoo Public Schools for participating.TSO_2014_Tali_Julie_Lisa_in_prarie_web

Who? Elementary Teachers (3rd-5th preferred, others welcome to apply)

More information:

Invitation to participate

Teaching Science Outdoors - OUR website (which will be developed throughout the week)

In partnership with CREATE for STEM Institute at MSU and Gull Lake Community Schools

Please contact, Kara Haas, Science Education & Outreach Coordinator with questions!  karahaas@msu.edu or 269-671-2181

Other Teacher Programs at KBS:

The KBS K-12 Partnership is is a joint effort among KBS scientists, MSU College of Education faculty, and science teachers and administrators in 12 rural school districts in southwest Michigan. Since 1999 the partnership has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, including awards from the Long-Term Ecological Research Program (DEB), the Teacher Retention and Renewal Program (EHR), awards from the NSF GK-12 Program (EHR), and the NSF Math and Science Partnership. The partnership provides teachers in-depth exposure to research topics in environmental science and training to teach inquiry-based science at the elementary and secondary levels.

GK-12 Bioenergy Sustainability Project: In 2010 we were awarded funds from the National Science Foundation for a new GK-12 Program called the KBS GK-12 Bioenergy Sustainability Project. You can find an overview and introduction to this new project at http://kbsgk12project.kbs.msu.edu/ . Please contact program director Tom Getty (getty@msu.edu) or program manager Sarah Bodbyl (bodbyl@msu.edu) for more information on the new KBS GK-12 Bioenergy Sustainability Project. The KBS program is part of a national network of GK-12 sites funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). NSF expects the GK-12 program to provide science graduate students skills that will broadly prepare them for their professional and scientific careers. Through interactions with teachers in K-12 schools, graduate students are expected to improve communication and teaching skills while enriching science instruction in K-12 schools. For more information about the GK-12 program and links to GK-12 projects in other states, visit the National GK-12 website.

Looking for lesson plans and field trip information?  Visit the KBS Teacher Resources page!