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The Academic Success Series is an informal discussion group held annually during the Spring semester geared towards graduate students and post-doctoral researchers. Faculty from Kellogg Biological Station share their insights and knowledge of particular issues as they relate to achieving success as a scientist in a major university setting.

Seminars take place every other Wednesday from 12:30 - 1:30 pm in Rm 327 (Conference Room) at the Kellogg Biological Station, unless otherwise noted. The seminar will be broadcast to main campus in Rm NATURAL SCIENCE 105.
Everyone is welcome - please feel free to bring your lunch.
Graduate students are encouraged to enroll in this 1 credit seminar (PLB 809, section 401).

For Spring Semester 2014, we will focus on "Communication with Other Scientists." The schedule is below:



"Communication with Other Scientists"


15 January: Talking with other scientists: making the most of conversations with scientists in other fields (job interview meetings, seminar speakers, etc.)
Session Leader: Chris Klausmeier (KBS faculty)



29 January: Leading discussions: strategies for engaging all participants, paying attention to body language. Appropriate for seminar courses, undergrad classes, lab meetings, etc.
Session Leader: Kay Gross (KBS Director)



12 February: Mentoring 1: The advisor/post-doc and advisor/grad student relationship.
Session Leaders: Tony Nunez and Cindy Jordan (MSU Graduate School) (via videoconference)


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26 February: CVs, resumes, and letters of introduction: which elements to include, how to stand out in huge applicant pools, and how to tailor to jobs of interest (e.g., NGOs vs. academic positions).
Session Leader: Steve Hamilton (KBS faculty)

12 March: How to create a professional website
Session Leaders: Bonnie McGill (KBS grad), Maria Stockenreiter (KBS postdoc)



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26 March: Letters of recommendation: how to write, what to get from an applicant’s letter, ethical issues of writing letters for poorly-performing students/mentees.
Session Leaders: Doug Schemske (KBS faculty)



9 April: Reviewing papers: what constitutes a good review, how much effort to expend on a bad paper, what to do when you receive an unprofessional/incomplete/unhelpful review.
Session Leader: Jen Lau (KBS faculty)

23 April: Mentoring 2: being a mentor (Note: This session will be 90 minutes long, 12:00-1:30pm. Lunch will be provided.)
Session Leader: Melissa McDaniels (MSU Graduate School


Information about supporting material: stockenr@msu.edu