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--Summer 2015 applications will be available in January--

The KBS Internship Program provides work-related experience for students from a wide-range of disciplines.  Interns play an intricate role in the development and implementation of initiatives vital to the mission of KBS.  In addition to assisting with the daily management of KBS programs, interns complete a portfolio worthy project during the duration of their internship.  Interns must be currently enrolled as students.  The application deadline is March 1st, 2014.

Summer 2014 Intern Program

Program Dates
Summer Internships are either 10 or 12 weeks (see below).  Intern start dates vary, with the Summer Program running from Mid-May to Early-August.
Internships are either 1/2-time (20hr/wk) or 3/4-time (30hr/wk).  Specific scheduling is arranged with the Intern Mentor.  Internships do accommodate for students to take KBS courses.
As part of the Intern Learning Plan, all interns must enroll in at least one KBS Summer Course.  We offer a diversity of courses that enhance the Internship experience.
We have designated housing available for Interns on KBS property.  Housing costs $75/wk.  Local students can commute from home.
Learning Plan
All Interns develop a Learning Plan with their mentor that outlines specific learning goals for the Internship.  As part of the Learning Plan students enroll in a relevant KBS course and attend weekly Professional Development sessions.
To be eligible applicants must be currently enrolled as college students during the 2014 summer.
Interns are compensated at a rate of  $10/hour.  Additionally Interns that live in residence receive a $1,000 scholarship that can be used towards KBS housing and tuition.
2014 Internship Positions

Avian Care (2 positions)

Dairy Systems Outreach (2 positions)

Botanical Gardens

Lake Landscaping

Landscape Design

Manor House Marketing



Applications for Summer 2015 will be available in January!


Intern Project Descriptions


Position: Avian Care Internship
Level: 1/2-time for 10 weeks (2 positions)
Mentor: Lisa Duke and Kara Haas

The Avian Care Intern’s responsibilities will be wildlife care, educating the public, and completion of a project. During this internship, you will gain experience in waterfowl, upland gamebird, and raptor care. This will involve the daily feeding, cleaning enclosures, and monitoring of the Sanctuary flock. Proper capture and handling techniques of birds and also glove handling of trained raptors will be taught. The internship involves a weekly bird survey of the sanctuary property and citizen science projects such as nest box monitoring. As an educator, the interns will lead tours, assist in public programs, write a blog, and help maintain the webpage and Social Media pages. The summer 2014 two week intensive project modifying the Sanctuary’s Pollinator Garden will help interpret the native plantings, their pollinators, and their importance in our ecosystem.  See the Bird Sanctuary webpage for more information.  Avian Care Intern # 1 will take a May-June KBS course and Avian Care Intern #2 will take a July course.

Desired background: Fisheries & Wildlife, Zoology, Animal Science, Biology or related field.

Recommended Courses:
Avain Care # 1: Ecology or Plant Systematics.
Avian Care # 2: Field Ecology & Evolution, or Wetland Ecology & Management.




Position: Environmental Education
Level: 3/4-time for 12 weeks
Mentor: Kara Haas

The Environmental Education Intern’s responsibilities will be planning and leading educational experiences for a variety of youth audiences. This will involve directing four weeks of science camp for 1st-8th graders, mentoring high school volunteers and supervising senior camp staff. In addition the intern will prepare and lead Wild Wednesday programming for children under 8 years old and their families. As a member of the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary staff the intern will have the opportunity to assist with avian care which could include captive bird care, weekly bird surveys, nestbox monitoring and maintaining the wild bird feeding station. The summer of 2014 will also offer the unique opportunity to help coordinate a week long in-service teacher professional development experience in partnership with MSU’s CREATE 4 STEM Institute. Please visit the Bird Sanctuary’s web pages for more information.

Desired Background: Education, Fisheries & Wildlife, Zoology, Plant Biology, Environmental Geosciences or related field

Recommended courses: Ecology, Plant Systematics, Field Ecology & Evolution




Position: Dairy Systems Outreach
Level:  1/2-time for 10 weeks; 1/2-time for 12 weeks
Mentor: Misty Klotz

The KBS Dairy Systems Outreach interns will assist with producing education and outreach materials describing research on dairy systems being done at KBS and to assist with public open houses, workshops and field days. Specific responsibilities include creating and producing brochures and posters describing the research being conducted at the Pasture Dairy Center (PDC) and helping to establish and maintain informational materials at the PDC. Material created will be written for professional audiences and the general public and developed for print and electronic (including social media and website) formats. Interns will also be responsible for working with volunteers to plant and maintain a demonstration garden at the PDC showcasing different forage and bioenergy crops grown at KBS. Good communication skills, strong work ethic, and ability to work independently and as part of a team required; experience working with animals or on farm desired, but not necessary. Familiarity with Microsoft office, Publisher (or similar software) and experience in creating materials for web (including video ) desired. Valid driver’s license.  See the Pasture Dairy Center webpage for more information.

Desired background: Animal Science, Education, Professional Writing, Communications, or related field.

Recommended course: Nature, Environmental, & Travel Writing (WRA 341)



Position: Botanical Garden
Level: 1/2-time for 10 weeks
Mentor: Stu Bassett and Dr. Frank Telewski

This internship will have two goals: 1) to develop an inventory of the trees, shrubs and historically important plantings on the W.K. Kellogg Estate that were planted by Mr. Kellogg that can be used to monitor the health and history of these plantings and 2) update and complete a brochure and map describing these plantings that can be shared with visitors. The intern will compile data for the inventory from records of past management of the estate and current tree health and status. Data will be compiled in a format that can be transferred to a Botanical Garden Inventory software program used by MSU to monitor the health and upkeep of trees and botanical specimens. The intern will work with Stu Bassett, KBS grounds, to learn the history of the site and plantings and how they have been cared for in the past. Dr. Frank Telewski, will provide advise and training in the use of the botanical garden inventory software and provide oversight to the data entry. Both mentors, and the KBS Outreach Coordinator, will assist with the development of the brochure. Familiarity with Excel (or similar) programs required; knowledge of Microsoft Publisher and data base or related programs desired.

Desired background: Plant Biology, Horticulture, Landscape Architecture or related field

Recommended course: Ecology, Plant Systematics, Nature, Environmental, & Travel Writing (WRA 341), Wetland Ecology & Management, Field Ecology & Evolution




Position: Lake Landscaping
Level: 1/2-time for 10 weeks
Mentor: Stu Bassett

This internship will focus on the maintenance of native plantings along the shoreline of Gull Lake in four different lakescape designs. The Intern will assist in integrating new native plantings along the banks of Windmill Island, part of the historic Kellogg Manor House estate, perform invasive species removal, maintain lake shoreline landscapes, participate in long range planning for the rehabilitation of the lagoon behind Windmill Island, and work with grounds staff and volunteers. In addition, some maintenance of the traditional formal plantings and hardscapes at the historic W.K. Kellogg Manor House and 32 acre estate will be included. The Intern should be willing and able to work outside, in sometimes adverse conditions, be able to take work independently, have excellent organizational skills, and possess a valid driver’s license. Knowledge of native and non-native plants and communities is helpful.

Desired background:  Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Plant Biology or related field.

Recommended course:  Plant Systematics, or Wetland Ecology & Management



Position:  Landscape Design
Level: 1/2-time for 10 weeks
Mentor:  Mark Williams and Sandy Bleisener (OBCA)
This intern will work with the KBS Physical Plant and a professional landscape architect from O'Boyle, Cowell, Blalock & Associates, Inc. (OCBA), on the planning and design process for renovation and restoration of the landscapes and lagoon surrounding the Windmill Island, part of the historic Kellogg Manor House estate. The intern will work as part of a team to build a baseline of information and concepts to create a landscape plan that reflects the original design, enhances the Estate, is consistent with the KBS commitment to sustainability and provides an area that can be used for educational programs. The Intern should be able to work with landscape design software, be willing to commute to Kalamazoo to work with landscape architects at OCBA and able to work with historical materials to determine how this area was originally built and used. The individual should be able to take work independently as well as part of a team, have excellent organizational skills, and possess a valid driver’s license.

Desired background:  Landscape Architecture, Horticulture, or related field.

Recommended course:  Wetland Ecology & Management, Plant Systematics, Ecology





Position:  Manor House Marketing
Level: 1/2-time for 10 weeks
Mentor:  Jim Allen and Nicole Kokx

The goal of this internship is to communicate KBS research to the public through the legacy of W.K. Kellogg. For the average visitor many of subjects KBS scientists study are esoteric. While the general public may have a deep respect for the work at KBS, many are left with asking the question, “What’s in it for me?” or “I’m sure you do great things there, but so what?”. The Intern will work with Conference Center/Manor house personnel to synthesize communications materials derived from interviews with KBS scientists into consumer friendly: greeting script, reusable program synopsis materials, KBS services note book inserts and other defined inserts seen by members of the public and community. Good writing and editing skills are necessary to produce easily understood materials.  For more information visit the W.K. Kellogg Manor House webpage.

Desired background:  Science Communication, Marketing, Communications, Professional Writing, or related field.

Recommended course:  Nature, Environmental, & Travel Writing (WRA 341)





Position:  Video Marketing
Level:  1/2-time for 10 weeks
Mentor:  Dr. Mike Grillo
Video has become an innovative medium to communicate science. The goal of the Video Marketing internship is to develop short videos that can be used to advertise our academic programs and the science we conduct--to tell the KBS story. These videos will be posted on our website to be viewed by prospective students and the public. The Video Marketing Intern will spend considerable time collecting video footage throughout the summer, including courses and researchers in action, as well as interviews with students, instructors, and scientists. Short videos will then be developed that are targeted to specific audiences. Applicants should be creative and have the ability to work well independently and have a sincere interest in science communication. Previous experience with video production, including prior course work, is strongly preferred.


Desired background:  Professional Writing, Film Studies, Science Communication, or related field.

Recommended course:  Nature, Environmental, & Travel Writing (WRA 341)





Position:  Development & Communications
Level:  1/2-time for 10 weeks
Mentor: Sarah Carroll

This Internship is a unique opportunity to gain valuable skills and experience in relationship building , project management, the planning and execution of special events, meetings, and donor relations critical to the long-term viability of KBS. The intern’s responsibilities may include drafting and producing fundraising materials, assisting with Campaign-related meetings and events, coordinating cabinet and board meetings, and assisting in the creation of a KBS alumni database. Qualifications include excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills,being highly organized, pay attention to detail, the ability to maintain confidentiality of all aspects of job responsibilities, a strong desire to continuously learn, and familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite (particularly Excel) and experience in creating materials for web desired.

Desired background:  Marketing, Communications, Professional Writing, Business, or related field

Recommended course:  Nature, Environmental, & Travel Writing (WRA 341)






Questions?  Email internships@kbs.msu.edu

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