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To Enroll in KBS Courses, students must be admitted to Michigan State University.

For open enrollment courses:

Students currently enrolled at MSU can use the WebEnroll System.

Students not currently enrolled at MSU -- unless they are graduate students enrolled in another university as named below--should register as Lifelong Education (LE) Students. The Lifelong Application can be submitted electronically.

You can use this handy online calculator to figure out the total cost of enrollment if you are either a currently enrolled or lifelong student.

Check to see how MSU credits transfer to your institution--Transfer website

For Closed Enrollment Courses:

Some of our courses are extremely popular. We ask students to reserve/apply for a space in this course by applying for a tuition scholarship. All Scholarship awardees will receive an over-ride into the course.  (In otherwords, we give you money, and then enroll you!)

Graduate Students at CIC Institutions

Applicants who are not MSU graduate students, but who are enrolled at one of the Big Ten universities or at the University of Chicago should investigate the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) Traveling Scholar Program.

This program enables a graduate student to take advantage of special resources available at the Kellogg Biological Station (or another campus) but not on his/her own campus.

A CIC Traveling Scholar registers and pays tuition at his/her home university, which collects and keeps his/her tuition.  For more information, contact the graduate school on your own campus.

To request accommodations for persons with disabilities:

Call Jenny Smith at (269) 671-2354 by April 12, 2013 to allow time to make arrangements.  Requests made after this date will be met when possible.

For more information about KBS summer courses, email

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