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KBS Brown Bag Seminars are informal talks presented by KBS graduate students, postdocs, staff, and faculty.  They are used to practice for meeting presentations or to brainstorm on new ideas.

Brown Bags are held each Friday in Fall and Spring at 3:30pm in Stack 237.

Fall 2014/Spring 2015 Schedule:

September 12: Eminent Ecologist nominations

September 19: Gyuri Barabas (University of Chicago)

September 26: Brook Wilke (KBS Farm Manager), Farm Tour

October 10: Alan Kamil (University of Nebraska - Lincoln)

October 17: Sarah Fitzpatrick (Visiting Graduate Student)

October 24: Maria Aranguren-Gassis (Visiting Research Associate, Litchman Lab)

October 31: Peter Wainwright (University of California - Davis)

November 7: Elena Litchman (KBS Faculty)

November 14: Chris Klausmeier (KBS Faculty)

November 21: Christine Sprunger/Brendan O'Neill (Graduate Students)

December 5: Carina Baskett (Visiting Graduate Student, Schemske Lab)

January 16: Adam Reimer (Research Associate)

January 23: Dani Fegan (GK-12 Fellow)

January 30: Brendan O'Neill (Visiting Graduate Student, Robertson Lab)

February 6: Beth Miller (Graduate Student, Klausmeier Lab)

February 13: Tyler Bassett (Graduate Student, Lau Lab)

February 20: Susan Magnoli (Graduate Student, Lau Lab)

February 27: Jakob Nalley (Graduate Student, Litchman Lab)

March 20: Sara Garnett (Graduate Student, Getty Lab)

March 27: Dustin Kincaid (Graduate Student, Hamilton Lab)

April 3: Bonnie McGill (Graduate Student, Hamilton Lab)

April 10: Brian Wilson (Dept. of Comparative Religion, Western Michigan University)

April 17: Paul Wilburn (Graduate Student, Litchman Lab)

April 24: Danny O'Donnell (Graduate Student, Litchman Lab)


Brown Bag Seminar Schedule

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