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Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held Friday in Stack 237 at 10:45 AM. Please contact the seminar committee (seminar-committee@kbs.msu.edu) if you have questions.


Research Seminar Schedule

Seminar - Sandy Marquart-Pyatt

Friday Dec. 5th
Linking environmental conditions and outlooks over time and across place
Host: Stuart

Seminar - Brian McGill

Friday Jan. 16th

Host: Klausmeier

Seminar - Kendi Davies

Friday Jan. 23rd


Seminar - Mark Urban

Friday Jan. 30th

Host: Klausmeier

Seminar - Kathie Weathers

Friday Feb. 6th

Host: Hamilton

Seminar - Sara Baer

Friday Feb. 13th

Host: Lau

Seminar - Ashley Shade

Friday Feb. 20th

Host: Evans

Seminar - Todd Aschenbach

Friday Feb. 27th

Host: Lau

Seminar - Michael O’Rourke

Friday Mar. 6th

Host: Stuart

No Seminar - Spring Break

Friday Mar. 13th


Seminar - Felicia Wu

Friday Mar. 20th


Seminar - Dan Doak

Friday Apr. 3rd

Host: Schemske

Seminar - Ruth Shaw

Friday Apr. 10th

Host: Lau

Seminar - Karin Pfennig

Friday Apr. 17th

Host: Lau

Seminar - Kathryn Cottingham

Friday May. 1st

Host: Graduate Students