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Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held Friday in Stack 237 at 10:45 AM. Please contact the seminar committee (seminar-committee@kbs.msu.edu) if you have questions.

KBS Fall 2013 Seminars

Sept. 6 ­– Jessica Miesel, Michigan State University

Title: Forest management and climate effects on fire regimes in North American forests: a belowground perspective 


Sept. 13 – Scott Stark, Michigan State University

Title: Linking canopy structure with forest dynamics to remotely detect the ecology of the Amazon


Sept. 20 – Pejman Rohani, University of Michigan

Title: Comparative phylodynamics of Influenza A viruses


Sept. 27 – Ford Denison, University of Minnesota

Title: Darwinian agriculture: Evolutionary tradeoffs as opportunities


Oct. 4 –  Bryan Foster, University of Kansas

Title: Long-term experiments in grassland community dynamics: What have we learned?


Oct. 9 (Wednesday) - Bill Fagan, University of Maryland

Title: Experience, coordination, and long distance movement: How learning and memory influence animal migration


Oct. 18 – James Grace, USGS

Title: Learning about the inner workings of natural systems using structural equations


Oct. 25 –  Kevin Lafferty, USGS, UC Santa Barbara

Title: Parasites and food webs


Nov. 1 – Christopher Dick, University of Michigan


Nov. 8 – John Kelly, Loyola University Chicago


Nov. 15 –  Tom X. Miller, Rice University

Title: Ecological interactions of plants through the lens of demography


Nov. 22 – Jay Zarnetske, Michigan State University

Title: Going with the flow: Revealing how hidden watershed ecotones and river flows control carbon and nitrogen dynamics?


Dec. 6 –   John Vandermeer, University of Michigan

Title: The ecology of pest and disease management in coffee production in Mexico


KBS Spring 2014 Seminars

Jan. 17  – Nancy Emery, Purdue University

Title: Niche evolution and ecological specialization in Lasthenia.


Jan. 24 – Jennifer Blesh, University of Michigan

Title: 'Brasilience': Assessing resilience on smallholder farms in Mato Grosso, Brazil


Jan. 31 - Yann Hautier, University of Minnesota

Title: Globally distributed experiments to shed light on global changes in grasslands.


Feb. 7 –     Kathleen Weathers, Cary Institute for Ecosystem Science

Title: Cloud, fog and the maintenance of ecosystems: Mist opportunities?


Feb. 14 – Student Invited Speaker: Thomas Whitham, Northern Arizona University


Feb. 21 –   Maria Servedio, University of North Carolina

Title: The evolution of male mate choice under polygyny


Feb. 28 –    Paul Falkowski, Rutgers University


Mar. 14 -  Phoebe Zarnetske, Michigan State University

Title: Climate change and biotic interactions: Insights from big data and long-term experiments


Mar. 21 –   Tim Griffin, Tufts University


Mar. 28 –   Os Schmitz, Yale University


Apr. 4 -  Kathryn Docherty, Western Michigan University

Title: Climate change influences on the impact of fire on soil microbial communities in a California annual grassland.

Apr. 11 - Ingrid Parker, UC Santa Cruz

Titel: Do legacy effects of an invasive shrub limit reforestation success in the Pacific Northwest?

Apr. 18 - Rick Relyea, University of Pittsburgh


Apr. 25 - Paul Fine, UC Berkeley

Title: Natural enemies, chemical defense divergence and the evolution of habitat specialization in Amazonian Protium (Burseraceae) trees





Research Seminar Schedule

Seminar: Paul Fine
University of California, Berkeley
Friday Apr. 25th
Title: TBA
Host: Schemske Lab