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The W.K. Kellogg Biological Station Conservation Legacy Fund endowment gifted by David G. Dvorak, M.D., provides overarching support for all areas of KBS. It supports education and outreach programs, student scholarships, as well as grounds and facility upkeep, including the W.K. Kellogg Manor House and Kellogg Bird Sanctuary.

"It is vital [that] KBS have the resources necessary to thrive and grow into the future so that many other families and students can build lasting memories while continuing to learn about nature... KBS has been significant to me for many years, and because of that, I wanted to support MSU in this way." - Dr. Dvorak

Dr. Dvorak's appreciation for the KBS mission was strengthened as he became a KBS volunteer and active member of the Director's Advisory Board.

The endowment will provide support for all areas of KBS in perpetuity, including:

  • Upkeep and enhancement of facilities at KBS, including grounds, Bird Sanctuary, and Kellogg Manor House
  • Programming at the Kellogg Biological Station
  • Student scholarships, fellowships, and stipends

"The Conservation Legacy Fund will provide the means to continue the legacy of connection people to the natural world that will carry on the vision the W.K. Kellogg had when he made the gifts that established the sanctuary, farm, and education programs at KBS"
- Dr. Kay Gross, Executive Director of Kellogg Biological Station

We encourage all KBS supporters to follow Dr. Dvorak's lead in promoting a legacy of environmental stewardship and education. Many volunteer opportunities are available in all units of KBS, and please consider contributing to the Conservation Legacy Fund for future students and programs.

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