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You can sort the list by clicking on the headers, or search by entering a name (or partial name) in the search box at the right below. Phone numbers are (269) 671-xxxx.  Please send corrections and additions to webmaster@kbs.msu.edu .

Name Unit Position Phone E-Mail
Allen, Jim Conference Center KBS Conference Center Manager 2238 Allenj77@msu.edu
Wilke, Brook Farm & Dairy Farm Manager 2509 wilkebro@msu.edu
Fegan, Dani Visiting Graduate Student/GK-12 Fellow fegandan@msu.edu
Jones, Sarah Visiting Graduate Student/GK-12 Fellow joness94@msu.edu
Shchapov, Kirill Litchman Lab Visiting Graduate Student 2106 shchapov@msu.edu
Gering, Eben Getty Lab Research Associate 2237 geringeb@msu.edu
Hussain, Mir Zaman Hamilton Lab/GLBRC Research Associate 2212 mhussai@msu.edu
Reimer, Adam Stuart Lab Research Associate 2237 apreimer@msu.edu
Mpeketula, Placid Snapp Lab Visiting Graduate Student 2233 mpeketul@msu.edu
Mezo, Justin LTER Research Assistant I 2528 mezojust@msu.edu
Kerney, Tim Maintenance Maintenance Worker I kerneyti@msu.edu
Jaleel, Jalal Computer Services IT Tech 2215, helpdesk 2100 jaleelja@kbs.msu.edu, helpdesk@kbs.msu.edu
Manor House cell phone Manor House
Abraha, Michael GLBRC Visiting Research Associate 2534 abraha@msu.edu
Ballew, Nicholas Mittelbach Lab Graduate Student 2106 ballwen1@msu.edu
Baskett, Carina Schemske Lab Visiting Graduate Student baskettc@msu.edu
Bassett, Stu Grounds/Maintenance Grounds Supervisor 2164 bassett@kbs.msu.edu
Bassett, Tyler Lau Lab Graduate Student/GK-12 Fellow 2106 basset17@msu.edu
Basso, Bruno Basso Lab Associate Professor (517)353-9009 basso@msu.edu
Black, Alison Administration Communications and Volunteer Coordinator 2015 blackali@msu.edu
Bodbyl, Sarah GK-12 Program Program Coord/Post Doc bodbyl@msu.edu
Bohm, Sven LTER Data Manager (269)205-3821 bohms@kbs.msu.edu
Bosier, Josh Conference Center Kitchen Supervisor 2401 bosier@msu.edu
Brownell, Tyler Administration (269)760-7200 browne66@msu.edu
Carroll, Sarah Bird Sanctuary, Development Office Administrative Asst 2510, 2444 scarroll@kbs.msu.edu or givingtokbs@kbs.msu.edu
Celi, Jorge Hamilton Lab Graduate Student 2218, 2309 celijorg@msu.edu
Charbonneau, Amanda Conner Lab Visiting Graduate Student/GK-12 Fellow charbo24@msu.edu
Conner, Jeff Conner Lab Professor 2269 conner@kbs.msu.edu
Crum, Annette Conference Center Conference Coordinator 2403 cruma@msu.edu
Denny, Riva Stuart Lab Visiting Graduate Student rchdenny@msu.edu
Disney, Ryan Gross Lab Visiting Graduate Student disneyry@msu.edu
Dittmar, Emily Schemske Lab Visiting Graduate Student/GK-12 Fellow dittmare@msu.edu
Doll, Julie LTER LTER Education and Outreach Coord 2266 jedoll@msu.edu
Duke, Lisa Bird Sanctuary Animal Caretaker 2511 lisaduke@msu.edu
Fogiel, Andy Administration Operations and Safety Coordinator 2551 fogielan@msu.edu
Freeman, Mark Snapp Lab Research Assistant 2172 freem205@msu.edu
Garnett, Sara Getty Lab Graduate Student/GK-12 Fellow 2233 garnett3@msu.edu
Gelfand, Ilya Robertson Lab Research Associate igelfand@msu.edu
Getty, Tom Getty Lab Professor 2229 (other) getty@kbs.msu.edu
Ginn, Kimberly Bird Sanctuary Bookstore Assistant 2510 ginnkimb@msu.edu
Glanville, Kate Robertson Lab Graduate Student 2106 k8g@msu.edu
Grillo, Mike Administration Academic Coordinator 2350 grillom1@msu.edu
Gross, Kay Administration/Gross Lab KBS Director, Professor 2235, 2341 (ofc) 2222 (lab) kgross@kbs.msu.edu
Haas, Kara Bird Sanctuary Environmental Ed Coordinator 2181 karahaas@msu.edu
Hamilton, Steve Hamilton Lab Professor 2231, 2218 hamilton@kbs.msu.edu
Hammond, Mark Lau Lab Research Technician 2106 mhammond@kbs.msu.edu
Hanly, Patrick Mittelbach Lab Graduate Student 2242 hanlypa@msu.edu
Hoekstra, Jon Grounds/Maintenance Maintenance Mechanic 2501 hoekst45@msu.edu
Holm, Sara Farm & Dairy Office Assistant 2507 holmsa@kbs.msu.edu
Holm, Sara Grounds/Maintenance Office Assistant 2501 holmsa@kbs.msu.edu
Hutchens, Allyson Litchman Lab Research Technician 2335 morgan86@msu.edu
Kahmark, Kevin LTER Lab Tech/Research Asst 2534 kahmark@kbs.msu.edu
Keller, Kane Lau Lab Graduate Student 2233 keller47@msu.edu
Kimbrue, Shannon Farm & Dairy Herder 2520, 2507
Kincaid, Dustin Hamilton Lab Graduate Student/GK-12 Fellow 2233 kincai32@msu.edu
Kjelvik, Melissa Mittelbach Lab Graduate Student 2233 kjelvikm@msu.edu
Klausmeier, Chris Klausmeier Lab Assistant Professor 4330 klausme1@msu.edu
Klotz, Misty Administration Ag & Climate Change Coordinator 2402 klotzmis@msu.edu
Klug, Mike Emeritus Director/Professor Emeritus 2535 klug@kbs.msu.edu
Kokx, Nicole Manor House Event Coordinator 2160 blanch46@kbs.msu.edu
Kowalewski, Greg Kellogg Forest Forest Manager 731-4597 gkowalewski@kbs.msu.edu
Kremer, Colin Klausmeier Lab Graduate Student 2221 kremerco@msu.edu
Krieg, Cara Getty Lab Graduate Student/GK-12 Fellow 2233 kriegca1@msu.edu
Kuczynski, Michael Getty Lab Graduate Student/GK-12 Fellow 2242 kuczyns8@msu.edu
Kunkle, Justin LTER LTER Science Coordinator 2534 kunkleju@msu.edu
Langshaw, Larry Farm & Dairy Maintenance Mechanic 2514 langshaw@kbs.msu.edu
LaRosa, Raffica Conner Lab Graduate Student 2220 larosara@msu.edu
Lau, Jen Lau Lab Assistant Professor 2107 jenlau@kbs.msu.edu
Lauff, George Emeritus Director/Professor Emeritus lauff@kbs.msu.edu
Lawrence, Rick Farm & Dairy Herder 2520, 2507
Liang, Di Robertson Lab Graduate Student 2233, 2512 liangdi@msu.edu
Litchman, Elena Litchman Lab Assistant Professor 2338 litchman@msu.edu
Magnoli, Susan Lau Lab Graduate Student/GK-12 Fellow 2242, 2106 magnolis@msu.edu
Manuszak, Mark Grounds/Maintenance Maintenance Worker 2501 manuszak@msu.edu
McGill, Bonnie Hamilton Lab Graduate Student mcgillbo@msu.edu
McMinn, Cathy Robertson Lab Research Technician 2512 mcca@msu.edu
Millar, Neville Robertson Lab Research Associate 2534 millarn@kbs.msu.edu
Miller, Beth Klausmeier Lab Graduate Student 2221 mill1455@msu.edu
Mills, Cindy Conner Lab Research Assistant 2220 millscyn@kbs.msu.edu
Mittelbach, Gary Mittelbach Lab Professor 2216 mittelbach@kbs.msu.edu
Muscarella, Mario Hamilton Lab Visiting Graduate Student mmuscare@indiana.edu
Nagelkirk, Ryan Basso Lab Visiting Graduate Student 2410 nagelki4@msu.edu
Nalley, Jakob Litchman Lab Graduate Student/GK-12 Fellow 2242 nalleyja@msu.edu
Nichols, William Grounds/Maintenance Custodian
Norris, Steve Lux Arbor Site Manager (269)207-4788 norriss@kbs.msu.edu
O'Donnell, Daniel Litchman Lab Graduate Student 2242 odonn146@msu.edu
Ozminski, Stefan Computer Services IT Technician II 4427, helpdesk 2100 ozminski@kbs.msu.edu, helpdesk@kbs.msu.edu
Perez, Sam Conner Lab Visiting Graduate Student perezsa4@msu.edu
Reed, Doug Grounds/Maintenance Maintenance Worker 2501
Robertson, G. Philip Robertson Lab Professor 2267 robertson@kbs.msu.edu
Robinson, Sarah Conference Center Banquet Captain, CC 2160 robin961@msu.edu
Roley, Sarah LTER Research Coordinator 2534 roleysar@msu.edu
Royer, Anne Conner Lab Graduate Student/GK-12 Fellow 2220 royerann@msu.edu
Rozeboom, Jennae Administration Accountant 2352 rozeboo1@msu.edu
Ruan, Leilei Robertson Lab Graduate Student 2212 ruanleil@msu.edu
Sanctuary Office Bird Sanctuary 2510 birdsanctuary@kbs.msu.edu
Schemske, Doug Schemske Lab Professor 2212 schem@msu.edu
Schuette, Jane Robertson Lab Administrative Assistant 2359 schuett2@msu.edu
Schultheis, Elizabeth Lau Lab Graduate Student 2106 schulth5@msu.edu
Simmons, Joe LTER Farm Manager 2528 simmonsj@msu.edu
Sippel, Suzanne LTER Data Manager 2534 sippel@kbs.msu.edu
Smith, Jenny Administration Executive Secretary 2354 jclark@kbs.msu.edu
Snapp, Sieg Snapp Lab Professor 2268 snapp@msu.edu
Sprunger, Christine Robertson Lab Graduate Student 2242 sprunge5@msu.edu
Stockenreiter, Maria Klausmeier/Litchman Lab Research Associate 2237 stockenr@msu.edu
Straub, Howard Farm & Dairy Dairy Manager 2508 straubho@msu.edu
Stuart, Diana Stuart Lab Assistant Professor 2264 dstuart@msu.edu
Surapur, Sowmya Snapp Lab Visiting Graduate Student surapurs@msu.edu
Suwa, Tomomi Lau Lab Graduate Student/GK-12 Fellow 2233 suwatomo@msu.edu
Utsumi Lab Utsumi Lab 2536
Utsumi, Santiago Utsumi Lab Assistant Professor 2230 utsumi@msu.edu
Vanderwulp, Stacey LTER LTER Project Manager 2339 vanderws@kbs.msu.edu
Weed, David Hamilton Lab Research Technician 2218 weedd@msu.edu
Widner, Andrew Administration Assistant Director, Finance and Operations 2348 awidner@msu.edu
Wilburn, Paul Litchman Lab Graduate Student 2242 wilburn4@msu.edu
Williams, Mark Grounds/Maintenance KBS Physical Plant Manager 2500 will2150@kbs.msu.edu
Wilson, Rene Administration Oecologia Editor/Secretary II 2349 rene.wilson@kbs.msu.edu
Wollrab, Sabine Klausmeier/Litchman Lab Research Associate 2172 wollrabs@msu.edu
Wolney, Sharon Conference Center Conference Worker 2400
Woodruff, Pam Litchman Lab Research Technician 2335 woodruff@kbs.msu.edu
Yost, Melissa Library Library Aide 2310 myost@kbs.msu.edu
Zirbel, Chad Gross Lab Visiting Graduate Student 2475 zirbelch@msu.edu
Campus Office Giltner Hall 517-432-4432
Conference Center Conference Center 2400 conference@kbs.msu.edu
Conference Room 309 2309
Conference Room 327 2327, 671-4786 (table jack)
McCrary Front Desk Conference Center 2400 conference@kbs.msu.edu