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Professor of Crop & Soil Sciences

John Crispin
Undergraduate Research Assistant- KBS

John assists with the laboratory and field operations at KBS. He is pursuing a B.S. in Crop & Soil Science at MSU.

Steve Culman
Post Doc (Perennial Grain)- KBS

Steve is continuing our research with Perennial Grains at KBS.  He is interested in looking at the ecological services provided and working with breeders in the selection process as work continues to develop this crop.

John Green
Research Assistant/ Field Manager- KBS

John is the current project manager of the Living Field Laboratory (a long-term field study designed to investigate the benefits of using cover crops as a source of nitrogen in various cropping systems ranging from conventional to organic agriculture). John also works with the perennial grain and graduate student research, and is pursuing an M.S. in Weed Science at MSU.

Mark Freeman
Research Assistant/Lab Technician/Manager- KBS

Mark is the laboratory manager for the work done at KBS, providing support for all of our research. Mark operates our smartchem discrete analyzer as well as a combustion analyzer to provide elemental data for our researchers.
In addition to performing the bulk of the lab work, Mark also provides assistance in the field as needed.

Emily May
Research Assistant- KBS

Emily assists with the laboratory and field operations at KBS and provides writing and editing support for lab publications.

Rich Price
Field Technician - KBS and main campus

Rich is a graduate of MSU in Crop & Soil Sciences. He is a project manager for the conservation tillage project and will be overseeing the Snapp Lab field sites in East Lansing.

Briana Shuford
Research Assistant- KBS

Bree works part time to assist in the laboratory and field operations at KBS.

Former Staff :

Lowell Gentry - On Call Advisor for LFL - KBS

Lowell was the project manager of the Living Field Laboratory from 2006-2009. Lowell has extensive experience in nitrogen cycling in agricultural systems, N mass balances, N nutrition and soil fertility. He now provides an adisory role when needed and continues to work on publishing data from his time here.

Claire McSwiney - Post Doc - KBS

Claire studies how the use of cover crops in conventional farming systems might provide a slow release form of nitorgen when incorporated during the spring and how they can uptake excessive nitrogen during the fall. This work is completed through a nitrogen rate study and her focus remains on controlling nitrogen export as nitrous oxide and nitrate leaching.  Claire has moved on.