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Sieg Snapp, Professor of Crop & Soil Sciences

Email: snapp@msu.edu

Current Graduate Students

Krista Isaacs, Ph. D. Crop & Soil Science
  • B.A. Sociology of Rural and Environmental Change, University of Montana
  • M.P.S. International Agriculture and Rural Development, Cornell
  • Dissertation examines farmer participatory selection of
    maize/bean intercropping systems in Rwanda for sustainable
    improved performance and dietary diversity.

Nikhil Sankara Jaikumar, Ph. D. Crop & Soil Science

  • B.A. Biology, Harvard University
  • Dissertation research focuses on the ecophysiology of perennial grain crops, quantifying their life-history tradeoffs between productivity and persistence, and studying their response to environmental stresses.

Dan Kane, M.S. Crop & Soil Science

  • B.A. Biology, Middlebury College
  • Research focuses on the effects of conservation tillage on soil health

Mary Ollenburger, M.S. Crop & Soil Science; Ecological Food and Farming Systems

  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering, California Institute of Technology
  • Research focuses on cropping systems modeling and participatory research in sustainable agriculture for northern Malawi

Christine Sprunger, Ph. D. Crop & Soil Science

  • B.S. Forest Resources and B.A. Environmental Studies, University of Washington
  • Research investigates carbon sequestration potential of annual and perennial root systems by examining both root carbon quality and quantity.

Sienna Tinsley, M.S. Crop & Soil Science

  • B.A. Geology, Amherst College
  • Research examines the potential for using perennial grasses (perennial wheat and intermediate wheatgrass) as dual-purpose forage-grain crops in organically managed systems.

Former Graduate Students

Tracy Beedy, Ph.D. Crop & Soil Science

Moved on to a Post Doc at ICRAF in Malawi

  • B.S. Agronomy - Texas A&M
  • M.S. Soil Science - Texas A&M
  • M.S. Agricultural Economics - Michigan State University
  • Dissertation tracks changes in soil organic matter and nutrient status in maize/tree legume intercrops in Malawi.

Karen Cichy, Ph.D. Horticulture and Plant Breeding & Genetics

Moved on to a Post Doc at USDA-ARS in Aberdeen, ID.

  • B.S. Horticulture - Penn State University
  • M.S. Plant Breeding and Genetics - Michigan State University
  • Dissertation examines the role of root architecture traits in resistance to the biotic stress Fusarium root rot and the abiotic stress of low soil phosphorus in common bean.

Marthe Diallo, Ph. D. Crop & Soil Science

  • B.S. Agronomy - IPR/IFRA University of Mali
  • DESS Rural Economy - CIRES University of Coccody in Cote d'Ivoire
  • M.S. Agricultural Economics - Michigan State University
  • Dissertation examines seed system efficiency in the presence of globalization and global climate change in Mali.

Courtney Gallaher, M.S. Crop & Soil Science

Working on Ph. D. in Geography at Michigan State University

  • B.S. Soil Environmental Science & French - University of Wisconsin at Madison
  • Project examines how annual and perennial legumes affect phosphorus cycling in different agro-ecosystems.

Wezi Mhango, Ph. D. Crop & Soil Science

  • M.S. Soil Science - University of Malawi
  • Dissertation examines nitrogen budgets in legume based cropping systems in Malawi. Research work includes an evaluation of bilogical nitrogen fixation of sole, legume-legume (doubled up legumes) and legume-cereal intecrop.

Edgar Po, Ph. D. Crop & Soil Science

Moved on to a Post Doc at University of Missouri

  • B.S. Agriculture - Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro city, Phillippines
  • M.S. Natural Resources - The University of New England, Armidale, New South Wales, Australia
  • Dissertation examines short rotation systems involving a combination of farmer recommended cropping systems and an alternative mix of leguminous and cereal cover crops on soil structure.

Brook Wilke, Ph. D. Crop & Soil Science

  • B.S. Biology - Nebraska Wesleyan University
  • Actively participating in efforts to improve ecological education through research and professional development.
  • Dissertation examines plant communities in agricultural ecosystems to help sustain productivity over long periods using ecological tools rather than chemical means.