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pond labAll visiting researchers to KBS should check out the Information for Visiting Researchers web page for information on housing, facilities, bench fees, and contact information. Scientists specifically seeking to use the research facilities at the KBS experimental pond site should contact Pond Site Coordinator Dr. Gary Mittelbach

Initial contact via e-mail is preferred. In your e-mail, please describe briefly your proposed plan of study, timetable, funding source, and facilities needed. We will then contact you via phone or e-mail for further discussion of research plans.


The fee structure for use of the KBS experimental ponds and pond laboratory is as follows:

Pond use definitions:

Non-manipulative use - routine monitoring and sampling. No draining or filling of ponds involved.

Manipulative use - Draining and filling of ponds required. Experimental manipulation of pond habitats or construction of experimental enclosures (performed at user's expense).

All use of the ponds and pond facilities requires prior approval from the Pond Site Coordinator.

1) Non-manipulative use of the ponds - No charge

2) Non-manipulative use of the ponds, bench space in the pond laboratory - $250/month

3) Manipulative use of the ponds - $300/pond/year

4) Manipulative use of the ponds, bench space in the pond laboratory - $250/month plus pond use charge.