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Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held Friday in Stack 237 at 10:45 AM. Please contact the seminar committee (seminar-committee@kbs.msu.edu) if you have questions.

At KBS we make a practice of webcasting the KBS Seminar series1. If you are affiliated with MSU and you would like to watch remotely as the seminar is being streamed live, follow the protected page link below.

Protected page containing link to KBS Seminar Webcast


Research Seminar Schedule

Seminar: Emily Bernhardt

Friday Dec. 4th

Duke University

*EEBB seminar on Dec. 3

Host: Steve Hamilton

Seminar: Josh Tewksbury

Friday Dec. 11th

University of Washington

*EEBB seminar on Dec. 10

Host: Gary Mittelbach

Seminar: Mark Powell

Friday Jan. 15th

USAD - ARS Madison

Host: Santiago Utsumi

Seminar: TBD

Friday Jan. 22nd

Seminar: TBD

Friday Jan. 29th

Seminar: Beth Leger

Friday Feb. 5th

University of Nevada - Reno

*EEBB seminar on February 4

Host: Jen Lau

Seminar: Jason Gallant

Friday Feb. 12th

Michigan State University

Host: Getty

Seminar: Jackie Brown

Friday Feb. 19th

Grinnell College

"Love they neighbor: Cooperation without kinship in a native, unicolonial ant species (Formica exsectoides)"

Host: Tom Getty/Cara Krieg

Seminar: Kathryn Docherty

Friday Mar. 4th

Western Michigan University

Host: Sarah Evans

Seminar: David Lowry

Friday Mar. 18th

Michigan State University

Host: Jeff Conner

Seminar: Elise Zipkin

Friday Mar. 25th

Michigan State University

Host: Chris Klausmeier/Sarah Evans

Seminar: Christine Hawkes

Friday Apr. 1st

University of Texas - Austin

"Climate change and microbial communities"

Host: Sarah Evans

Seminar: Robin Reid

Friday Apr. 8th

Colorado State University

*EEBB seminar on April 7

Host: Santiago Utsumi

Seminar: Steven De Gryze

Friday Apr. 15th

The Climate Corporation

Host: Postdocs/Neville Millar

Seminar: Heather Throop

Friday Apr. 22nd

Arizona State University

"Dryland carbon cycling in response to climate and land cover changes: A view from climate gradients"

Host: Sarah Evans

Seminar: M. Eric Benbow

Friday Apr. 29th

Michigan State University

"More than marine derived nutrients: Additional insight into the ecology of salmon carcass decomposition"