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Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held Friday in Stack 237 at 10:45 AM. Please contact the seminar committee (seminar-committee@kbs.msu.edu) if you have questions.


Research Seminar Schedule

Seminar - Rich Phillips

Friday Aug. 29th

Host: Robertson

Seminar - Kai Wirtz

Friday Sep. 5th

Host: Klausmeier

Seminar - Mark McCarthy

Friday Sep. 12th

Host: Hamilton

Seminar - Manuel Reyes

Friday Sep. 19th

Host: Getty

Seminar - Katie Suding

Friday Sep. 26th

Host: Gross

No Seminar - Faculty Retreat

Friday Oct. 3rd


Seminar - Michael Jones

Friday Oct. 10th

Host: Gross

Seminar - Tadashi Fukami

Friday Oct. 17th

Host: Evans

Seminar - David Post

Friday Oct. 24th

Host: Mittelbach

Seminar - Evette Perfecto

Friday Oct. 31st

Host: Hamilton

Seminar - Lisa Tiemann

Friday Nov. 7th

Host: Snapp

Seminar - Jim Grace

Friday Nov. 14th

Host: Gross

Seminar - Vincent Denef

Friday Nov. 21st

Host: Litchman

Seminar - Brian McGill

Friday Jan. 16th

Host: Klausmeier

Seminar - Kendi Davies

Friday Jan. 23rd


Research Seminar Schedule for the next 30 days

No events