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Written by Jackie Wolfinger   
Wednesday, 13 February 2013 02:08

One of my favorite things about the Sanctuary is that there is always something new going on! Every month brings new visitors and new events, so there is so much to look forward to! Just think… the spring migration will begin soon, songbirds will start moving into the Sanctuary’s nestboxes, the Great Blue Herons and Bald Eagles will have to decide who is going to nest in the Rookery, and in a few short months there will be swans and geese nesting on Wintergreen Lake! The Sanctuary’s programs and events are getting into full swing, too! There are two spring programs in particular that I am excited for because they are about a species I don’t know very much about: purple martins!

Adult plumage of purple martins

Female and male purple martins on a perch (Photo used by permission, copyright Purple Martin Conservation Association)

The first program, Purple Martins: Backyard Aerialists, will take place on February 26th. This program is about martin migration, nesting habits, and how martins evolved to 100% dependence on humans for successful continuation of the species. Anyone who is interested in learning about purple martins or is curious about whether their yard could provide martin habitat will enjoy this program!

The second program, Purple Martin Workshop: How to be a Good Purple Martin Landlord, will take place on March 16th. This program will provide you with tips and tricks for becoming a successful martin landlord! Plenty of great information will be shared including how to prepare nests, how to monitor the martins, and where to find helpful resources.

Both programs will be taught by Penny Briscoe. She has been a purple martin landlord for over 25 years, and last year her colony had 160 fledglings! Penny has a lot of expertise and enthusiasm to share with you, but if you can’t make it to her programs, you can still learn about purple martins during your next visit to the Sanctuary!

Purple Martin house at the Sanctuary

Purple Martin House at the Sanctuary

Last spring, a purple martin house was refurbished and installed as part of Heather’s intern project. One of the nests was even successful! We will soon be moving the house back outside and the first purple martin scouts could show up in early April! You can also check out the purple martin exhibit in the Overlook Museum that was created as part of Jennifer’s intern project.

Whether you plan a trip to the Sanctuary, attend Penny’s programs, or both, you’ll be sure to learn a lot about purple martins! We can’t wait to see you!

For more information and registration, check out the events page of our website or like us on Facebook!