Spring Has Arrived! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jackie Wolfinger   
Monday, 01 April 2013 20:42

According to the calendar, Spring arrived on March 20th. According to the birds, Spring arrived only a few days ago! New birds have been spotted almost every day as they either arrive to their summer nesting grounds or stop over on their way farther north.

Wintergreen Lake has been hopping with all kinds of ducks first thing in the morning and in the early evening. Redheads trickled in slowly, one pair at a time, until a flock of 17 spent all morning on the lake! Remember to borrow a pair of binoculars during your visit to the Sanctuary, because otherwise, you might miss out on seeing the Canvasbacks that have been tagging along with the Redheads!

Male and female Redhead ducksRedheads (Photo Credit: Larry Burdick)

Buffleheads have also shown up on the lake! Sometimes they are in groups of two or three birds while other times they are in groups of ten to fifteen. From a distance, they look almost completely white!

Male Bufflehead on the lakeMale Bufflehead (Photo Credit: Larry Burdick)

Every few days, the number of Great Blue Herons in the rookery increases. They can be very difficult to count when they are sitting in their nests, but at least twelve birds have arrived so far. They usually go somewhere else for the middle part of the day, but if that is when you visit, scan the edges of the lake for herons on the ground fishing!

Great Blue Heron flyingGreat Blue Heron (Photo Credit: Larry Burdick)

One of the surest signs of Spring has been the recent arrival of Tree Swallows! These beautiful birds are white underneath with shiny green-blue backs! We have spotted them defending nest boxes from other songbirds!

Tree Swallow perched on a nest box

Tree Swallow (Photo Credit: Larry Burdick)

Other new bird sightings have included Turkey Vultures, Lesser Scaup, Common Goldeneye, and a House Finch! Keep your eyes on the eBird Trail Tracker for the most recent bird sightings, and be sure to plan a visit to the Sanctuary for Spring Migration soon!