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Floral Wreath Classes

Join us at the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary’s Spruce Lodge as we host Sherri Snyder of Gull Lake Landscape Company.
Located at Kellogg Bird Sanctuary's Spruce Lodge

Birdfeeder Fall Swag -Monday, October 19 Register Now!
6-9pm $40 per person.

Sherri will help you create a beautiful, outdoor swag offering several treats for your feathered friends. Using natural and locally grown items, it will accent any outdoor décor throughout the fall season.

Boxwood Wreath Class -Thursday, November 19 Register Now!
6-9pm $45 per person.

Boxwood is a gorgeous broad-leaved evergreen that is used in Williamsburg-style wreaths. This wreath can be displayed before Thanksgiving, and with the addition of a bow, will add to your Christmas decoration as well.

Bird Lover's Wreath - Tuesday, December 8- Register Now!
6-9pm $45 per person.

Paticipants will help you create a beautiful wreath using a variety of mixed evergreens, birdseed accents and a natural birdhouse gourd that can be used outdoors for seasonal enjoyment by our feathered friends.

Winter Season Container Garden Class - Monday, December 14
6-9pm $45 per person. Register Now!

This class will teach you to create a paper mache container stuffed with freshly cut local greens, bright stems, berries and other materials. When filled, it can accent pots and window boxes or be used as a stand-alone pot.

Floral classes include seasonal soup and bread, coffee, spiced tea and bottled water.

Floral Wreath Classes are offered at Spruce Lodge located at Kellogg Bird Sanctuary.

**a 10% discount will apply to classes if attendee is a member of the Bird Sanctuary.

Seats are limited, so book soon!

For more information or to reserve your seat, email conference@kbs.msu.edu or call 269-671-2400.