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This webpage contains information we hope will be useful to you during your stay at KBS. All visitors, students, and employees of KBS are invited to enjoy the beauty and recreational activities of the Station.

Because KBS is a "scientific preserve," we ask that no plant or animal collecting be done without permission. Please note that various kinds of markers--orange tape, flags, stakes, and tags--may be encountered around KBS.

These are always to be left strictly alone as they may mark places or individual plants that are part of a research study.

We appreciate your cooperation to help our research programs run smoothly.

Collected Helpful Resources

Grad students and KBS staff can generally fill you in on most things -- if you can't find it here, just ask someone.

This isn't an exhaustive compilation of all the information that one might want when visiting KBS. Information that could easily be found in phonebooks (e.g. info on banks, mosques, churches, etc.) is not generally included here.

Click on the below links to skip to specific sections (arranged alphabetically):

Cars and Parking
Summer students, researchers, and visitors in residence at KBS should park in the areas by the Orchard Dorms and apartments. Commuter students are requested to park in the Orchard Dorm overflow lot. Parking in Academic/Stack lot (directly south of Academic/Stack Bldgs.) is for KBS faculty, staff and graduate students. Parking in non-paved or restricted areas is prohibited.

Computers/Internet Access
Wireless Internet access is available throughout the KBS Education Center Campus (apartments, dorms, Carriage House, Boathouse, McCrary Hall, Academic and Stack Buildings), as well as at the Dairy, LTER field site, Farm Learning Center, and the Bird Sanctuary classroom and auditorium.

You will need an MSUnetID and password to use the internet. Non-MSU users can log in as “guests”; information on how to set up an account is available at the Conference Center desk in McCrary.

Computers for use by students and visiting researchers are available in the library, microlab (Academic Room 214), and McCrary dining hall. More information about internet access is available at helpdesk@kbs.msu.edu.

KBS has a stockroom containing commonly used supplies (e.g. measuring tapes, quadrats, field guides, etc.), especially for Summer Session courses.

Equipment can be checked out by going to the stockroom (Academic Room 104) during the appointed hours, which are posted on the stockroom door. The stockroom is closed weekends and holidays. Ask about specific equipment you're interested in using.

The Conference Center has a wide variety of housing options, with discounted rates for students and visiting researchers.

Short-term housing:
In the summers, "transient" students and visiting researchers can live in the Bergner House, in the Apartments or dorms at the Education Center, or with a grad student who already lives in one of the KBS houses.

Long-term housing:
Most KBS grad students spend their first 1-2 years in East Lansing at MSU main campus before moving down to KBS. Once grad students move to KBS permanently, they can move into one of the KBS houses.

These houses are maintained by KBS and MSU and can be rented by permanent KBS residents. Contact Sara Holmes to find out more about renting houses, and to put yourself on the KBS housing list. A copy of the current housing list, which lists the units, their occupants, and the people on the housing list, can be found on the KBS mailroom door (on the third floor of the Academic building).

KBS Maps
Local and regional maps, as well as a map of the KBS educational center.

Support Staff - (Normal administration office hours are 8-noon and 1-5 p.m. Monday through Friday.) Check this list to see who you should call for various technical issues:

Andy Fogiel - Facilitiy Operations and Safety Manager- Stack 136A, Phone #2551 (fogielan@kbs.msu.edu)
  • Support and coordination of academic programs (ordering/laboratory set-up/vehicles/boat maintenance)
  • KBS safety officer (provide/coordinate safety training/hazardous waste collection)
  • Assigns all KBL lab and office space
  • Liaison with KBS Physical Plant
  • Schedules use of Stack Building Classrooms
  • Operates KBS stockroom
  • Contact person for maintenance and repair of KBS vehicles

Assistant Director for Education and Outreach --Stack 144

  • Helps with enrollment issues for visiting and current students
  • Liason with Main MSU campus
  • Information about scholarships, internships, and REUs
  • Coordinates class scheduling and instructor and TA appointments

Jenny Smith – Secretary to the Director - Adm. 322 Academic Bldg, Phone #2354 (jclark@kbs.msu.edu)

  • Summer Session support

  • Graduate, Undergraduate and Specialist appointments

  • Assigns mailboxes and photocopy numbers

  • Distributes and maintains key records for Academic, Stack, Carriage House, Boathouse, Pond, and Field Labs

  • Keeps calendar for Academic Conference Room #327

John Gorentz, Information Technologist – Stack 235, Phone #2215 (helpdesk@kbs.msu.edu)
  • Assigns and maintains KBS computer accounts

  • Maintains KBS E-mail system

  • Coordinates all network connections and infrastructure

  • Manages common-use computers in computer workroom, grad offices, library and microlab

  • Manages network printers

  • Manages common use equipment such as digital cameras, LCD projectors

  • Provides consulting and assistance with miscellaneous computer issues

Sara Holm – Administrative Assistant for the Physical Plant (part-time). Phone #2501 (holmsa@kbs.msu.edu)

  • Maintains rental housing lists
  • Phone line installations, changes, problems and billing
Sally Shaw – Finance Manager- Adm. 322 Academic Bldg, Phone #2352 (shaw@kbs.msu.edu)
  • Resource for Policies and Procedures
  • Hires and maintains employment applications and payroll
  • Purchasing- open order information, reimbursements
  • Maintains all account budgets
  • Processes vehicle, UPS, copy, postage charges and all invoices to be paid

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Phone Numbers

KBS phone lists can be obtained from the People at KBS webpage.

A few useful notes:

  • For KBS numbers, people generally only list the last four numbers. The full number is 269-671-#### (where #### indicates the four numbers typically given). Within the building, just dialing the last 4 is sufficient.
  • To call a main campus number from KBS, use long-distance and dial 517-###-####. (Until February 2013 it was possible to use a special, toll-free line for these calls by dialing 8 and then the last 5 digits of the phone number.)

Security/Emergency Numbers

  • KBS Administration (M-F, 8-5): 269-671-2352
  • KBS Maintenance (after business hours): 269-207-4787
  • Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office (non-emergency): 269-383-8700
  • Emergencies (911): dial 9 to get an outside line: 9-911

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You can find detailed future and past information on weather at Hickory Corners at WeatherUnderground or Weather.com.

Severe Weather Safety

Watches: A severe weather watch indicates that conditions in the area/ region are conducive to the potential of severe weather, i.e.. thunderstorm or tornado. Be observant of these conditions when planning field activities.

Warnings: When severe weather is occurring in our immediate area all activities should be halted and appropriate action taken, e.g. seeking shelter.

  • Each KBS unit monitors a NOAA weather radio and obtains severe weather alerts during working hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Conference Center monitors for such alerts 24 hours/day.
  • In the event of a severe weather warning, we will send out an alert on News-L and directly notify key personnel. If you are going in the field, inform unit staff of your location and cell phone number so that you can be notified. Once a warning is issued, individuals should seek appropriate shelter.

In the Education Center, shelter locations are:

  • Basement of the Manor House
  • First Floor Hallway of the Academic Building

If time doesn’t permit movement to these locations, or if you are at a unit without shelter, shelter should be taken in interior rooms without windows, e.g., bathrooms of dorms or apartments. Locations of suitable shelter in buildings are highlighted in yellow on the emergency evacuation maps in each dorm room.

If caught outside: Move to indoor shelter or if NO shelter is available:

  • Find a low spot away from trees, fences, and poles
  • Squat low to the ground on the balls of your feet. Place your hands on your knees with your head down. Make yourself into the smallest target possible
  • If you are in the water, get out quickly

Additional Severe Weather info at KBS