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Associate Professor bruno_saluta

Waterland Lab

Department of Geological Science and W.K. Kellogg Biological Station
307 Natural Science
288 Farm Lane
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI  48824

Tel: 517-353-9009
Email: basso@msu.edu


Research Interests

  • Agricultural production systems analysis
  • Environmental modeling and land use sustainability
  • Spatial analysis and precision agriculture

Bruno Basso's research deals mainly with water, carbon, nitrogen cycling and modeling in agro-ecosystems, and spatial analysis of crop yield. Basso's modeling research has focused on extending soil-crop-atmosphere models to spatial domains at the field scale, and in particular on developing, testing, and deploying SALUS, a next-generation process-based model that integrates crop productivity with water, carbon, and nutrient fluxes in a spatially explicit manner.

Selected publications

Basso B. and J.T. Ritchie. 2012. Assessing the impact of management strategies on water use efficiency using soil-plant-atmosphere models. In print on Vadose Zone Journal

Basso, B, Fiorentino, C, Cammarano,D., Cafiero,G.,  Dardanelli, J. 2012. Analysis of rainfall distribution on spatial and temporal patterns of wheat yield in Mediterranean environment. Europ. J. Agronomy 41 (2012) 52– 65

Syswerda, S.; Basso, B.; Hamilton,S.K.; Tausig, J.B.; Robertson G.P. 2012.  Long-term Nitrate Loss along an Agricultural Intensity Gradient in the Upper Midwest USA. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 149, 10-19

Basso, B.; Ritchie, J.T.; Jones, J.W. 2012. On modeling approaches for effective assessment of hydrology of bioenergy crops: comments on Le at al., (2011) Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 108:15085-15090. European Journal of Agronomy 38: 64-65

Finley, A., Banerjee S., Basso B. 2011. Improving Crop Model Inference Through Bayesian Melding with Spatially-Varying Parameters. Accepted on Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics

Cammarano D., Fritzgerald, G., Basso, B. O’leary, G. Grace, P.R., Fiorentino C. 2011.  Use of the Canopy Chlorophyl Content Index (CCCI) For Remote Estimation Of Wheat Nitrogen Content In Rainfed Environments.  Agronomy  J 103:  6 - 1597-1603

Basso B., Ritchie, J.T., Cammarano, D., Sartori L. 2011. A strategic and tactical management approach to select optimal N fertilizer rates for wheat in a spatially variable field.  Eur. J. Agron. 35 (2011) 215– 222

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Ritchie J.T. and B. Basso. 2008. Water Use Efficiency is NOT Constant when Crop Water Supply is Adequate or Fixed: The Role of Agronomic Management. Eur. J. Agron. 28,  273–281

Basso B, Bertocco M, Sartori L, Martin, E.C. 2007. Analyzing the effects of climate variability on spatial pattern of yield in a maize-wheat-soybean rotation. Eur J. Agron. 26 (2): 82-91