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The 9th Annual Spring Field Ornithology Course is coming!  

2016 Dates:

Tuesday evening lectures: March 15 and 29,April 12 and 26, May 10 from 6-8:30pm

Saturday morning field trips: March 19, April 2, 16, and 30, May 14 from 8-11am

Audience: Adults, children 14+

Join us for the 9th Annual Field Ornithology Course!  This engaging, hands-on learning experience will help you learn more about the fascinating world of birds and improve your bird watching and identification skills.  Each two part lecture will include a talk from a state or local scientist/ expert followed by an identification lesson. Field trips visit local birding hot spots and are led by experienced birders.  All skill levels are welcome!

The Field Ornithology Course is a 5-week course for adults and open to the general public. Lectures are Tuesday evenings from 6-8:30 pm and cover topics including bird identification, natural history, behavior, conservation, and more.

Field trips are Saturday mornings, 8-11am. The trips are led by knowledgeable, local birders and visit area birding hotspots including the Kellogg Bird Sanctuary, Kellogg Forest, Lux Arbor, and areas around Gull Lake.


Course SectionMemberNon-Member
Lectures ONLY $75 $90
Field Trips ONLY $75 $90
Both Lectures and Field Trips $150 $180


Coming Soon!


Field Ornithology Course Schedule
Tuesday Lectures Topic Sat Field Trips Location
Week 1 March 15


March 19
Sanctuary & Kellogg Biological Station grounds
Week 2 March 29


April 2
Wintergreen Lake, Gull Lake, and area wetlands
Week 3 April 12


April 16
Local upland and lake habitats
Week 4 April 26


April 30
Local upland and forest habitats
Week 5 May 10
May 14
Upland and grassland habitats