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forestMany of the upland environments on KBS lands are not managed and are thus in a process of ecological recovery from past disturbances. Hardwood forests of ca. 70 years age are abundant and occur in patches of variable size, typically dominated by oaks, maples,  beech, and hickories.

Conifer plantations of more than 40 years age are also common. The Kellogg Experimental Forest contains some of the most thoroughly studied forest ecosystems in Michigan. Kay Gross can provide more information on local plant communities.


Nearby public lands - Yankee Springs State Recreation Area, Fort Custer State Recreation Area, Allegan State Game Area, and Barry State Game Area - are largely covered by forest and oak savanna and include the largest blocks of contiguous forest in southern Michigan. These areas also contain a wide variety of lakes and wetlands, including bottomland floodplain forest along the Kalamazoo River and Sphagnum peat bogs in isolated kettle holes.fields