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Academic buildingThe original Stack Research Building and the newer Academic Building are the primary foci of academic and research programs at the Station. The 3-story academic building was built in 1985 and the attached, 2-story Stack Building was renovated in 1986. The Academic-Stack building includes 12 major research laboratories and a University branch library that receives over 200 journals and is staffed by a full-time librarian.

The building also houses an auditorium; offices for faculty, postdocs, and project staff; three graduate student offices with multiple carrels; 5-6 classrooms; a biological collections room; and supporting service areas.

Service areas include a darkroom, dedicated rooms for isotope counting and for CN analyzer analysis, a microscope room, an autoclave area, a room for environmental chambers, a computer workroom, and common-use labs dedicated to electrophoresis, GIS, and image analysis. Additional areas include wet and dry laboratories for field sample processing, a grinding room for soil and plant tissue grinding, and rooms for walk-in coolers and drying ovens.