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KBS Computer Services is staffed by 1.6 FTE Computer Services Professionals.  The central equipment hosts file and backup services for the servers and desktop computers on the network.  Server disks are backed up nightly and backup tapes are rotated to safe storage locations in other buildings.  Central services also include e-mail and network printer services.  Network printers include a 42-inch wide-format printer.

Common-use computers include 17 MSU Microlab computers managed remotely from the main campus, which make available for students and researchers such software as as SAS and Mathematica, which would be difficult to afford and manage otherwise.  These computers are located in a small classroom and in the library.

A 1Gb fiber optic connection provides access to the Michnet backbone network.   Most of the buildings at the Gull Lake site and at outlying locations are connected by fiber optic ethernet.    A few others are connected to the main network by point-to-point wireless.  MSUnet Wireless service is available at most buildings.