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KBS offers opportunities for research in a variety of natural and managed environments. Visiting scientists and campus-based MSU faculty are welcomed and encouraged to establish research programs at KBS and to contribute to the stimulating research environment.pond8

Nearly 1,650 ha of forests, fields, ponds and lakes are contained within the KBS boundaries. Additional state lands and preserves are located nearby and provide an enormous diversity of natural aquatic and terrestrial habitats. This breadth of habitats, adjacent to modern facilities including laboratories, greenhouses, a library, and computer support, creates an unparalleled environment for ecological and evolutionary research.

KBS also offers several unique opportunities for research involving agricultural ecology (LTER and GLBRC).

Maps and images of the KBS lands, including existing experiments and agricultural fields, can be viewed at these web sites:



Further information is found at the Planning your Research page.

Individuals interested in conducting research at KBS are encouraged to contact the Director, or any faculty member, to discuss their research ideas and needs. All researchers MUST have file a KBS Research Site Use Request before initiating their research.

Modest site use fees are charged for use of KBS field sites, research facilities, and laboratories.

The station provides a wonderful sabbatical environment for individuals wishing to write, conduct data analysis, or simply interact with a community of scientists broadly encompassing the disciplines of evolution, population, community and ecosystem ecology. Scholarships are available for students interested in conducting research or taking courses at KBS.

This resident community of faculty, postdoctoral associates, and graduate students maintains a year-round research and seminar program.

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