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Everyone conducting research at KBS is expected to fill out a Research Site Use Request Form (SURF). This form must be submitted at least one month, and preferably 3 months, before the project begins.

The KBS Director, relevant unit leaders, and/or faculty will review the SURF.  The Site Use Committee will review large or long-term projects involving a substantial commitment of KBS facilities. The process is explained in more detail here: SURF Forms and Approval Process.

Typically, a SURF request will be reviewed and acted on within 2 - 3 weeks of receipt. If more information is needed the Project Leader will be contacted as soon as possible.

We try to accommodate all SURF requests but will turn down requests that entail excessive staff time or that compromise other uses of KBS lands and facilities.

To view the entire SURF before completing it, please click here: Site Use Request Form

Site Use Fees:
All researchers are assessed modest site use fees for office/desk space, laboratory space, use of equipment such as temperature-controlled freezers, storage space, University-provided vehicles, boats/motors/trailers, experimental ponds, greenhouse space, and agricultural field plots.

Researchers will be informed of their anticipated fees when their SURF is approved. Payment of fees is due at the end of the first month of arrival on site at KBS or with the annual report if it is a multiple year study.

KBS Space and Equipment Fees 2014
KBS Pasture Dairy Fees 2014

To assist you in estimating cost of your research at the Kellogg Farm and Dairy, we have created these spreadsheets:

In addition to completing SURF, all researchers at KBS are expected to follow University regulations regarding safety, laboratory procedures, animal use, etc. Also, visiting researchers using KBS field sites must obtain the permission of the relevant faculty or staff members (see above).

KBS faculty have developed agreements with several local property owners regarding access to and use of these private properties for research and/or educational activities. Permission to use these sites must be negotiated for each project in collaboration with the relevant KBS faculty/staff member.

To document how research groups are utilizing KBS, we ask that each researcher provide a brief report (400 words) each year. We maintain records of the type and location of research done at KBS sites as an important tool that PIs reference to plan their projects. We request that project leaders report the GPS location of their research sites. (KBS can make portable GPS equipment with instructions available.)


Students who conduct research at KBS should provide the KBS library with a copy of their thesis or dissertation. All publications from research conducted at KBS should acknowledge KBS and include a contribution number. Contact the KBS Library Aide, Melissa Yost at (269) 671-2310.

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