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Fall Workshop - Tuesday, Nov. 10 - Details

Registration for the fall workshop is now closed.

KBS K-12 Partnership Summer Institute - was a SUCCESS!  Thank you to everyone who participated.

Questions? Contact Kara Haas, karahaas at msu.edu, 269-671-2360, Science Education & Outreach Coordinator, KBS

Program Overview

The KBS K-12 Partnership is a joint effort among KBS scientists, MSU College of Education faculty, and science teachers and administrators in 12 rural school districts in southwest Michigan. Since 1999 the partnership has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, including awards from the Long-Term Ecological Research Program (DEB), the Teacher Retention and Renewal Program (EHR), awards from the NSF GK-12 Program (EHR), and the NSF Math and Science Partnership. The partnership provides teachers in-depth exposure to research topics in environmental science and training to teach inquiry-based science at the elementary and secondary levels.

Major elements of the KBS K-12 Partnership program are:

  • Professional development opportunities for teachers and graduate student fellows that focus on providing inquiry-based approaches to learning about and effectively teaching science in the K-12 classroom.
  • Providing opportunities for K-12 teachers in other programs at KBS and MSU; including serving as mentor teachers for undergraduates studying to be teachers and Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) positions in faculty labs.
  • Creating new opportunities for K-12 teachers and MSU faculty and students to work together to deepen and improve the way science is taught and communicated in our community.

Partnership Coordinator

Kara Haas

Science Education & Outreach Coordinator

Kellogg Biological Station

karahaas (at) msu.edu

(269) 671-2360


Partnership Steering Committee

Kara Haas (chair)

Andy Anderson (Education Lead)

Kay Gross (Science Lead)

Sarah Bodbyl (Carbon TIME and GK-12 Liaison)

Fellows: Jake Nalley and Tyler Bassett

Partner Teachers: Becky Drayton, Marty Green, Jodie Lugar-McManus, Kim Sandefur (1 year appointment)

Click here for contact info for Steering Committee and a full list of Partnership Collaborators.

Current Programs & Projects: (brief descriptions and links to websites will be added)

schoolyardLTER or sLTER:


Carbon TIME


Teaching Science Outdoors


Teaching Evolution

Past Programs & Projects:

GK-12 Bioenergy Sustainability Project: This KBS project, part of a national network of GK-12 sites funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), ran from 2010 - 2015. The primary goal was to provide science graduate students with skills broadly preparing them for their professional and scientific careers, through interactions with teachers and students in area K-12 schools. Graduate student fellows honed their science communication, teaching, and outreach in local classrooms though partnerships with teachers of the KBS K-12 partnership. For a project overview and to access all products, including over 120 classroom-ready lesson plans, please visit the KBS GK-12 website at http://kbsgk12project.kbs.msu.edu/.

Please contact program director Tom Getty (getty@msu.edu) or program manager Sarah Bodbyl (bodbyl@msu.edu) for more information on the new KBS GK-12 Bioenergy Sustainability Project.

NSF Math Science Partnership: This program is part of the larger Environmental Literacy Project at MSU, it is also known as the Pathways Project.  The goal of our project is to develop learning progressions leading toward environmental science literacy—the capacity to understand and participate in evidence-based discussions of socio-ecological systems and to make informed decisions about appropriate actions and policies—for students from upper elementary school through college.

Ecological Literacy in the K-12 Classrooms of Rural Michigan. This project ran from 2006-2009. This GK-12 Program teamed KBS graduate students pursuing advanced degrees in ecology with K-12 science teachers in rural districts near KBS. The program aimed to enrich K-12 science instruction by promoting inquiry-based science teaching in participating school districts. At the same time, the program aimed to provide graduate students the opportunity to improve their teaching and science communication skills.

Resources from the Gull Lake Gateway Academy & KBS Partnership (summer 2013). Alternative High School lesson plans (hands on modules to compliment the Edgenuity online curriculum used by Gateway Academy at Gull Lake Community Schools in Richland, MI)

    • 5 modules covering heredity, how to use a microscope, energy in cells, human impact and the environment, cycles of matter, growing Wisconsin Fast Plants
    • http://kbsgatewayproject.weebly.com/

    INSIDER Resources

    Math Science Partnership Fellow Tool Kit

    Purchase supplies using your budget

    - Tax Exempt Form (PDF)

    Apply for grants

    - List of grants (Word)

    Submit photos for use on the website or in publications

    - KBS Release Form (PDF)


    K-12 Partnership Newsletters

    **newsletters can now be found HERE:

    Spring 2010

    Fall 2009

    Spring 2009

    April 2008

    September 2007

    February 2007


    News Articles

    Vicksburg got funding for Environment club's recycling program. Read about it here!

    Plainwell Science Night Featured in the Kalamazoo Gazette

    Check out the GK-12 Plot Set-Up Scheduleoverview, and pictures!

    3/08. Lawton Community Schools Newsletter. Read about the work of GK-12 Fellow Lauren Kinsman and her partner teachers Sue Zygadlo and Marcia Angle

    Barr, K. 11/12/07. The Science of Partnership: Martin Students Team with MSU Grad Student to Enrich Science Learning. Kalamazoo Hometown Gazette, Martin, MI.

    Kinsman, L. E. 11/05/07. How Many Grapes Does Lawton Really Grow? Paw Courier Leader, Paw Paw, MI.

    Barr, K. 10/29/07. Lawton Students Study, Learn, Experiment with MSU Scientist. Kalamazoo Hometown Gazette, Lawton, MI.

    Hartley, L. (2007) GK-12 Graduate Student Fellowships at Kellogg Biological Station. The LTER Network Newsletter. Vol. 20. No. 1.

    Knaublach, J. A. 4/2/07. ESPP Student Educates the Next Generation on Climate Change. Environmental Science and Policy Program Newsletter, Michigan State University.

    Sepanik, L. 12/19/06. Pond to be Created near Gull Lake High School for Science Studies. Kalamazoo Hometown Gazette, Richland, MI.

    Kroll, J. 9/6/07. Program Doubles Education: MSU Graduate Students Instruct Alongside School District Science Teachers to Enhance Learning. The State News, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI.



    GK-12 at W. K. Kellogg Biological Station: Partnerships Promoting Ecological Literacy in K-12 Classrooms of Rural Michigan. NSF GK-12 National Meeting, Washington, D. C., March 2007

    GK-12 at W.K. Kellogg Biological Station: Partnerships Promoting Ecological Literacy in K-12 Classrooms of Rural Michigan. NSF GK-12 National Meeting, Washington, D.C., March 2008


    Past Presentations

    Wilke, B. J. and S. D. P. Smith. 2008. Ecological Literacy in the K12 Classrooms of Rural Michigan. Ecological Society of America Meeting, Milwaukee, WI, August 2008

    Hartley, L. M., C. W. Anderson, B. Wilke. 2008. Why do students have so much trouble tracing matter through ecological processes and systems? Ecological Society of America Meeting, Milwaukee, WI, August 2008

    Wilke, B. J., C. W. Anderson, L. M. Hartley. The missing link between structure and function in biodiversity education, Ecological Society of America Meeting, Milwaukee, WI, August 2008

    Zesaguli, J., Tsurusaki, B. K., Wilke, B., Tan, E., Hartley, L., & Anderson, C. W. 2008. The Development of an Environmental Literacy Learning Progression: Biological Diversity in Environmental Systems. National Association for Research in Science Teaching Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD, March 2008

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